Laughter’s are seen on month ends
when a braai packs will be available for Sunday dinners.
When a six pack of yogurt cups tastes like a lifetime,
but ends before the 5th of the new month.
Mom looks like a queen for 3 days and
treats us like precious gold on our way to the mall on the 1st.
we dream of near possibilities when she asks what we want.
He will jump first ‘a bike’ and
I will just smile and tell him not this month brother.
She will ask ‘what do you want?’ and
I’ll just smile and say anything!
In my mind all I want is a dairy,
a chance to join the acting crew and
sing songs for her to sleep on those nights.
The 7th will come and she will sit on the couch and
scratch her head without disturbances.
She will shout at the first sight of a foot print
on her precious tiles, and lash how she
invested sweat and blood to get money to buy them and
we here to destroy them.
We are useless and ungrateful
on the 8th till the 27th of very month.
The children without value, who don’t know the
struggles of being a single parent raising kids alone.
I’d be a mother on the 15th when meetings occur and end late.
“Think zimasa, cook, clean, tell bro to dust his
school shoes and come back to take a night bath, before
she comes back filled with worry on
how she will pay ‘umashonisa’ back next week.
My heart will pound in my own worry of
missing choir practise to sing my miserable life away.
In secret I’ll leave for it, and come back
finding her on her single seat couch ready to
lash all her dept stress and anger on me, for coming back at 8 o’clock.
Laughter’s will be seen every month end,
when chicken will be steak in the households of
those with single legs and yet carry mountains on their heads,
to guide their children to grow with harmony
in houses of absent fathers and depressed mothers.

photo credit to@bmoesart.


The flowers in me

The flowers in me

I’ve smelled a bunch of flowers
With intensity to imagine them on their
Flourishing day. They smelled relatively
Happy and excited to bring blossoms to your life,
make you smile and keep you happy.
In a little insightful moment,
I thought I heard them say
how much you bring value to my life.
They told me the secrets of your heart,
how you get nervous every time you
want to pick me up from every fall,
how you act brave every time you
at your lowest just to keep me soothed.
They tell me how you overthink every
decision to make when you want to buy me a gift,
because you fear disappointing me.
The flowers are concerned with your
over fuming sense of affection you have.
The flowers understand the love that brews in you,
that even a cold night without me
by you don’t stop the flames.
The flowers told me secrets of your heart
that I for one were blinded from.
They whispered me the fear you have,
if something might happen to me.
They realized you love me more
than how you express it generally.
Every time you pick them,
you ensured that every one of them
resembles a piece of me, so am never lost.
Every time you pick them,
you ensured that you shared
a piece of you with them,
so I can keep you with me
when you not around.
I’ve smelled a bunch of flowers with intensity
so I can imagine us in their beauty,
instead I saw myself in them
and you carried me with love I never knew.
© ladyziezimasa


Behind the face

What’s hidden behind the face?

Dark shallow memories of experiences!

I hate coming to the city with poverty necklaced around my neck

I hate coming to the city knowing i have chance only with zero privilege

But i let myself Humble, for hope breaths within me more than what oxygen is doing to my metabolism

I believed there is altruism in everyone but the place am in is a forest of monsters and vampires

They either eat or suck your blood out

But what choice do i have because am all out

But what choice do i have, when hope can only fill my soul and leave my stomach empty

I’ve thought of being smarter and manipulative like vampires and suck some money out ,

Of guys who confess lies of love while they are the monsters who’ll eat you out

But i failed drastically that i kept crying till tears dried up and became words recited in poetry

I lived my chance in sadness and fume of temptation

I grew jealously to those who are able that i hated them for their selfishness and inability to share

I sold myself short giving a peace of my worth to the monsters in exchange for bread that will keep my stomach filled

And prove to the rest that i was like them much more than they thought

I hated coming to the city without anything

But i hate it more that I go back home with memories filled with grievance

That i carry burdens and curses of these old man I open my legs to for only shrimps of bread

That will fill my empty stomach till i go home to smile like the city showers beauty and luxury

While it just carries pain hidden behind the face